Trinity the MarshHistory

“The little grey chapel situated 5 miles west of Millbrook has been the home church to generations of farm families since 1876.  One steps inside to an interior that has changed little in all these years…The widely spaced pews, the prayer seats, the large wooden lectern, the old harmonium, all speak quietly of long past worship services and memories for so many who have attended the church. Originally called ‘Holy Trinity,’ services were held in the nearby schoolhouse beginning in 1866, as the closest church was St. Thomas’ in Millbrook.  James Fallis donated land and in 1876 the present chapel was built…{It is} one of the few board and batten {church buildings} remaining anywhere.”

From:  Walter Dyer, “The Anglicans,” This Green and Pleasant Land: Chronicles of Cavan Township , edited by Quentin Brown, Millbrook and Cavan Historical Society, 1990, p.43.

In 2019, thanks to a generous bequest from the estate of the late Everett Fallis, Trinity the Marsh was re-painted and restored and an accessibility ramp  and new porch were added at the main entrance.


During the summer months, St Thomas’ congregation moves to Trinity the Marsh for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 am.  We are always delighted to welcome visitors from nearby communities, or others who are visiting the area, especially members of other churches.  Following the service, refreshments are served outdoors under the trees.


Finding Trinity the Marsh
Located on County Road 21, out of Millbrook follow King Street west, go past the Tapley quarter line, until you come to Glamorgan Road. You will see a little church on your left: Trinity the Marsh.