All members of the community of faith have the opportunity to receive ministry from others, and to offer ministry to others. Children and/or families can participate in many of our volunteer ministries, as their gifts allow. Please speak to the coordinator of any of our ministry groups if your children show a particular interest in any aspect of our Parish Life.

Sunday school

Sunday School

A staff of committed volunteers teach children during the Sunday service.

This is an opportunity for children aged 4 to 12 to hear Bible stories and respond to them through acting, crafts, song and prayer.

Our children’s program on Sunday mornings uses the One Room Sunday School curriculum to offer age-appropriate learning based on the same lessons that are heard as part of the main service of worship. Children begin the service together with the whole congregation and return in time to receive communion.

Special All-Ages Events

Watch for child-friendly special events throughout the year.

Scenes from Vacation Bible School 2015