Greeting words: "In him we live and move and have our being"

The Greeting Words

The words on the arch that forms the entrance to the chancel have special meaning to the people of St. Thomas.

As you enter the main door the words once read “The Lord is in His Holy Temple. Let all the Earth keep silence before Him.” The words reminded us of the sacred character of he building. Upon restoration of the church in 2010, the words were changed to “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Found in Acts 17:28, these words reflect the modern nature of the worship and mission of the people of St. Thomas.

Organ pipes, St. Thomas, Millbrook

The Organ

The Historic Organ Committee of the Royal Canadian College of Organists has designated the St. Thomas 1889 Lye Tracker Organ as an Historic Classification A instrument.

Only five other instruments in Canada share this honour.

The Lye Tracker Organ is in its original condition and was restored by Alan T. Jackson and Co. Ltd., through the bequests of Muriel Smith (1897-1993) and her sister Gladys Graham (1895-1992) The wind supply is powered electrically but the original blowing system is still intact. There is no change to the chests, tonal work, console, wind system or organ case.

Life Events

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The Parish Hall is available for rental. The contact person is Gail Neiman, Office Administrator 705-932-2233 or Rev. Rob Ross, 705-932-1231.

St. Thomas, Millbrook is wheelchair accessible.