We are a community in Pastoral Care. At St. Thomas we don’t believe this important part of ministry is just the responsibility of our Minister. It belongs to everyone.

We have a dedicated group of volunteers that help to administer Pastoral/Ministerial care by visiting shut-ins, providing meals for those that are ill, helping with shopping and transportation needs etc.

Pastoral/Ministerial Care includes people being with people in the church office, their homes, hospitals, nursing homes – where ever people with needs are to be found. It can be comprised of crisis management, counselling and offering comfort. More than anything else it is bringing the comfort of Jesus Christ to the cares and concerns of people’s lives.

Ongoing spiritual guidance and support are made available to all.


Visit Life Events to find out more regarding baptisms, funerals and weddings. To discuss baptism, confirmation, marriage, the healing ministry of the Church (prayer, laying on of hands or anointing), or a pastoral visit, please speak to Father Rob Ross.