Historic sketch of St. Thomas, MillbrookHistory of the Church

The village of Millbrook began to develop in the 1830s and 1840s, and with this development came the need to provide a place of Anglican worship and learning. For many years the Anglican residents of Millbrook had to walk to St. Paul’s church on the fourth line as there was no Anglican church in Millbrook. In the 1850s plans were drawn up for the construction of a church.

In 1856 the Church Society of St. Thomas purchased from a Mr. Hutchinson a building lot for the purpose of erecting a church. The planning and construction took a number of years with the opening of the first St. Thomas church on the present building site in 1858. The red brick church faced east to west unlike the current church that faces south to north.

On April 12, 1878 a new Sunday School Building was officially opened.

The cornerstone was laid by George Needler, owner of Needler’s Mill in Millbrook and Superintendent of the Sunday School. At the laying of the cornerstone, Mr. Needler was presented with a silver trowel, which can be seen in the Sunday School to this day.

The first church grew and prospered and in 1883 it was decided that a larger church was needed. By 1885 $3,000 had been collected and work began on construction of the church, which would cost close to $13,000. The building was completed and officially opened on December 16, 1885. The entire debt of the church was paid off by 1905.

The Sunday School has always been used as the church hall and in 1995 a walkway, office, bathrooms and a modern kitchen was constructed to complete the connection of the church and hall.

– The above short history is taken from “A Centennial History of St. Thomas Anglican Church, Millbrook, Ontario, 1885 – 1985” by Jocelyne Daw.