Baptism at St. Thomas, Millbrook


Holy Baptism is the sacrament of full initiation into the community of faith – the Church.  Adults and youth are baptized after a period of preparation.  Those seeking baptism for an infant must themselves be baptized and practising Christians.  Baptisms normally take place at the Sunday Eucharist.  Confirmation does not ‘complete’ baptism but is an opportunity for a baptized person to publicly re-affirm their Christian faith and to be strengthened by solemn prayer and the laying-on-of-hands by the Bishop.


In Christian weddings, two  people make solemn vows to be faithful to each other until death and have their marriage blessed by the Church.  At least one of the applicants must be baptized and a  practising Christian.  In the Diocese of Toronto, same gender couples may now be married in the Church. Successful completion of a marriage preparation course is required of all applicants.  Applicants must contact the parish to arrange an initial interview at least 6 months before the proposed date of the wedding.

Funeral at St. Thomas, Millbrook


At funerals, family and friends gather to offer thanksgiving for the life of the deceased person and to commend the person to the mercy and love of almighty God.  For communicant members of the Church the funeral service should take place in the church building, ideally in the context of the Holy Eucharist.  The casket or cremated remains should, if possible, be present.  For pastoral reasons, a funeral service may take place in a funeral home, at the  place of the interment, or another appropriate venue.

To discuss baptism, confirmation, marriage, the healing ministry of the Church (prayer, laying on of hands or anointing), or a pastoral visit, please speak to Father Rob Ross.