St. Mary's, LiffordSt. Mary’s, Lifford is a cherished part of the Anglican Parish of Cavan and Manvers.

Worship: Worship services are held there four times annually.

History: The church was built in 1852 by community labourers and stood in the middle of a beautiful cemetery until it was destroyed by fire in 1993. It was rebuilt in 1997 and stands today as a testament to the determination and community spirit of the people who raised the funds to make it happen.


Finding St. Mary’s Lifford
St. Mary’s is located at 396 Lifford Road, Bethany. To get there, take Hwy #7A (either east or west), turn north onto Hwy #35 and follow along Hwy #35 to Lifford Road, then turn east. Follow along till you reach 396 (it is about two miles east of Hwy 35 on the south side of the road).